Best Practice Website Design 

Best designed websites because we follow search engine quidelins
WebNet designs websites that vigorously compete in the 21st century marketplace. Our goal at is to turn your website into a first class internet marketing and business tool that is valued by your customers. We are committed to creating business websites that assist in maximizing profit margins and creating strong brand recognition.

The best websites evolve over time and at WebNet, customer service drives our research, development and design programs. Search engines like to see new, "Fresh Content" added monthly.

We will analyze the specific strengths and weakness of your current website and then, with careful planning, will develop an internet marketing plan that clearly identifies the target market audience and your brand.

We strive to help our clients achieve their goals by creating modern, secure, easy to navigate and customer friendly websites.

After we clearly identify your goals and the target market audience, we will research then implement the appropriate course of action, you will be kept informed throughout every stage of the website development.

We believe in clear lines of communication as stages of development move to completion. We always seeks client approval throughout the design process.

WebNet clients can chose their level of involvement and partnership in the design process. We value strong relationships that lead to effective internet marketing and website development.

The Website Design Planning Stage

Before we start doing any code, we will have a meeting so you will fully understand what to expect from us and what we’ll need from you. We will gather from you and provide you with information that will help us work together avoiding any confusion.

Here are the topics we will discuss:
  • The WordPress platform
  • Web Applications
  • The Theme design process, what a Theme is
  • Contextual content and the image optimization process
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, On-Page-SEO
  • Colors and page layout
  • Data collection forms
  • E-Commerce if applicable
  • Blog Focus
You will have the option to share information online and in real-time with us. You will have access to our team’s internal project notes (for your project only), and you will be able to interact fully with us.

Website Theme Design Stage

The overall look and feel of websites are controlled by the Theme. Colors, fonts, menu and navigation are functions that are controlled by the Theme. Although a majority of theme design work is done locally on our testing servers, you will have the ability to see the work online as each stage is completed. There are some questions that will need to be answered before starting the Theme design process. If you want, you can answer them online by clicking here or via email.   Basic Theme Elements:
  • Page background
  • Primary colors
  • Fonts; Headings and Paragraph
  • 3rd party application and plugin integration placement
  • Main Navigation (menu) style and placement
  • Modern or traditional style layout
  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Blog styling

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Creation

For any website to be successful, it must be found. For example, if you’re in the business of selling, “Red Shoes” then it’s important for your website to be found when people are searching for a place to buy “Red Shoes.” Google or Bing are search engines that will most likely be the first place people will start their search. Search engines have guidelines in place that help them decide which website is the best website they will send people to; in this case for, “Red Shoes.” A major part of the process search engines use in determining a good website is how it’s designed and how well the content is placed within each web page. It is extremely important to learn these guidelines and to keep up with them because they are always changing for the better of the web.

Optimized Website Content

We provide On-Page-SEO when designing websites
If you don’t have content for your website, we will create it for you. You can find more information about our Content Creation Service here. If you already have content that will be used for the new site, we’ll optimize it for you. There are two components to Search Engine Optimization: On-Page-SEO, and Off-Page-SEO. We provide both. To properly design a website, On-Page-SEO must be done for each page of your website to help search engines properly Index the page.


  • Domain name analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page content structure
  • Image and Meta Tag creation and verification
  • Social Media elements
  • Website HTML to text ratio
  • Website performance
  • Analytic software integration
You can find more information about SEO here

The Latest Web Technology

HTML logo. The latest HTML technology is used when designing websites
WebNet implements the best and most current web design practices. We prefer WordPress due to the vast array of 3rd party applications and because it is the largest supported web development platform in the world. We’re looking forward to designing your new website or updating your current website. If you are interested in creating a website that will vigorously grow your business in the 21st Century marketplace, please contact WebNet.