Is DIY Web Site Design The Best Way To Go?

Web Site DesignMy friend had a back deck that was in desperate need of repair. The wood was old and sagging.  The support beams had been weakened by the harshness of New England winters. He solicited bids from several professional construction companies.  The repairs needed were extensive, and the estimates were expensive. Then my friend had this thought; his best friend Joe was pretty handy around the house and said he could do the job as well as some construction company could at a fraction of the cost.  That seemed like a pretty good plan. Six months later, one of the original bidding companies came in, fixed the problems that Joe had caused, and then remodeled the deck.  The cost was fifty percent higher than the initial bid.  An entire summer of grilling and relating was lost. The moral of this story is this: anyone can go to a hardware store, buy a hammer and some tools, but that does not make him a builder.  You need someone who is a professional.  A person who is not only well trained but also very experienced. This same principle applies to designing a web site for your business.  You can go to most hosting companies and have an “el cheapo” site up and be running in a couple of hours.  Perhaps your college roommate who was really into all that internet and computer stuff could put something together for you. You can do that and save a few bucks, but why do that to your business?  For most potential customers, your web presence is their first exposure to you and your business.  Will you be able to woo and excite your potential customers with a fly-by-night website?  Probably not. To put you best face forward on the internet, you will need a professional web design team.  You want people who are well trained and very experienced. You need a company that will discover your goals and dreams for your organization.  A quality design team will enable you to bring your unique business to the marketplace and display it in the best possible way. A professional website design team approach will focus on three key areas:
  1. Modern Web Site Design. You will get a modern and mobile-ready website design structured for your specific business.  A site that will help you reach your online marketing goals.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The internet is a big place. It is easy to get lost among the millions of different sites.  A good designer will provide On-Page and Off-Page SEO to get you found when people search for what you offer.
  3. Content Creation. A team centered approach will provide search engine optimized content for press releases, websites, and blogs.  This will supply your customers the information they need to purchase from you.
Web Site DesignA professional web design team empowers you to be of service to your customers and to attract new prospects to your business. This allows your business to grow and thrive in a crowded and competitive environment! Many designers tell me a major source of new clients is from the do-it-yourself sites such as Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, and many others.  The sites were not optimized, navigation was difficult for customers, the content was generic, and therefore, the results were not positive.  In the end, all that time, effort, and money was wasted. A quality design team stays abreast of the never ending changes that happen with the various search engines.  The changes in the Internet over the past twenty years is difficult to comprehend.  And these changes and improvements are ongoing.  If you do stay abreast of this, you and your site will be left behind. You want a website that is easy to navigate and simple to use.  It must be a customer friendly place to visit.  The content needs to be specific to your individual business as well as optimized for the search engines. Of course, maybe your old college roommate could save you a few bucks.  And besides, I heard that Joe hung up his hammer and is now doing some design work on the side. When it comes to designing your business website, do not mess around, get a professional who will bring you quality design, SEO, and optimized content.  You will save time, effort, and money.  The results will speak for themselves. After all, it is your business!

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